q1 2022


  • 7,500 Yeti's mint
  • Giveaways and marketing
  • Rarity chart released
  • VIP Pass Airdrop
  • q2 2022


  • Marketing and promotion
  • Snowmobile Parts Mint
  • Exclusive merch designs for holders
  • q3 2022


  • Marketing and promotion
  • New website features introduced
  • Land sale for Yetiverse
  • Yeti Pets mint
  • q4 2022


  • $YETI currency created
  • Token + Staking
  • P2E features + minigames added to website
  • Special edition limited mint(s)
  • lets answer your questions

    Here's answers to all the questions you might have, regarding the Smooth Yeti Mountain Club.

    Public mint day will be on Feb 20th. Whitelisted Discord members's will get 24 hours before the public mint to send their ADA, in order to guarantee their Yeti's. Mints are 25 ADA each.

    There are 7,500 unique Yeti NFT's. 7,250 Will be minted. 250 Yeti's will be withheld from the sale for giveaways, promotions, and the team.


    The Early Supporter Discord role was given to 100 members on Discord. They are minted a special 3D NFT coin with the following perks:

  • Special 3d NFT coin will be given to every early supporter
  • This coin allows you 1 free NFT in every collection drop Grants you access to the exclusive
  • ES channel in discord Entered to win special giveaways.
  • Guaranteed a WL spot in every mint

  • Policy ID for ES coin: TBA

    Yes. Whitelist is 10 max per wallet. No wallet limit in public sale, 10 max per tx.

    Only send from a Shelley wallet (ex. Nami, CCVault, Daedalus, Yoroi, etc). DO NOT SEND FROM AN EXCHANGE. You will not be refunded for failing to follow this rule.

    You'll receive a refund minus the transaction fees. People sending ADA during the whitelist mint that aren't on the whitelist, will NOT receive a refund.

    who's on the team?

    Here's some information on the team members looking to bring the Yeti's to the moon.

    • keeper

      • First Crypto project
      • Over 7 years in influencing/marketing and management
      • In charge of all marketing, artistic and project direction
      • Been involved in CNFT since the beginning

    • pablo

      • First Crypto project
      • 5 years in the Cryptocurrency space
      • Over 12 years of development experience
      • In charge of everything development wise, including the mint script, the NFT's themselves, and website.

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